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Ready to End 2010 On a Big Bang? Announcing: Live a Better Life Challenge in December! by Celes on Nov 27, 2010 12:58 am

Ready to End 2010 On a Big Bang? Announcing: Live a Better Life Challenge in December!

by Celes on Nov 27, 2010 12:58 am
Note from Celes: All pre-orders for 30DLBL have been sent out! To those who have pre-ordered the book, you should have gotten your copy by now. Enjoy!! Let me know if you haven’t received it!
In just 34 days, 2010 is going to come to a close. Are you ready for it? Are you ready to step into the next year?
For some of you, 2010 may have gone by in a flash.  You may have been busy the whole year, moving from one thing to the next, switching from one focus to another. You may have been unconscious of how fast time has gone by. You may not have realized that 11 months, yes 11 whole months, have gone by since you said hello to the start of a new year. You may not be aware that in a matter of just one month, another year would have gone past you, and it’s going to be the start of yet another year all again.
If you feel that way, you’re not alone. Most of us are so busy that we’re not conscious of how time is flying by us. The time we leave for our reflection and personal growth is so little that it’s a wonder how we manage to keep everything together. And then when it’s end of the year, we look back and feel like yet another year has gone by without having done much vs. our expectations.
But guess what – it’s not the end of the year yet. There is still one month left, and depending on how you choose to spend it, you can either make this the most impactful month ever, or you can let it slip by like other months before. It’s up to how you want to make out of it. In taking conscious action, you’ll get huge changes, never to be the same person again. If you do nothing and continue status quo, you’ll get nothing different from what you’ve been already getting. Are you okay with that? Or do you want round up your year with a big bang?

Live a Better Life in December Challenge!

This is why for the month of December, I’ll be conducting a Live a Better Life Challenge, for all of us to close off 2010 on a huge bang.  This is where we’ll get down and look back at how the year has gone by. This is where we’ll map out our biggest goals and dreams forward. This is where we’ll look at the areas of life we’ve been neglecting on before and take action on them. This is going to be the best month ever yet in our growth journey :D
If you want to close off 2010 with a big bang, join the 30DLBL in December! This will be exclusive to those who have gotten a copy of the 30DLBL Book, as the December 30DLBL will be based on the all new upgraded 30DLBL program in the book. Also, this is part of the bonus initiatives exclusive to those in the 30DLBL Circle, which you’re automatically a part of after getting a copy of 30DLBL Book. The Dec 30DLBL will be the first of the many 30DLBLs we’ll be doing together in the future. :D I plan to organize 1-2 30DLBLs annually (or more depending on demand), so everyone can get together and get a boost in their growth journey. See it as being part of one big family passionate about growing and living in excellence!
To participate, simply post your comment expressing your intention! (In the email section, put in the email you used during your purchase (if you used Paypal, that’ll be your Paypal email) so I know that you’re part of the 30DLBL Circle.) I’ll then send you an email with the instructions on what to do next! We’ll be doing Dec 30DLBL in the forums – I’ve created a private Dec 30DLBL forum which will be our central venue for the challenge. If we’re able to gather 10~20 responses, we’ll be going ahead with it! :D
Get your girlfriend/boyfriend, partner, family members, friends, colleagues etc to join in even! The more people we do this with, the more committed we’ll be to our change. Note that each purchase of the book gives you one access pass, so if someone you know would like to join in, they just have to get a copy of the book.
Separately, if you have not gotten your copy of The 30DLBL Book, hurry up and get it now at a whooping 30% off, then reply to this post with your intention to join the Dec 3010! I’ll be removing the 30% discount in a few days’ time, and after that it’ll be gone for good. Remember every purchase of 30DLBL book gives you an unlimited lifetime access pass to do as many 30DLBLs as you want to in your life, so it’s truly an investment that pays itself many times over!

Are You Ready to Live a Better Life in December?

Reply to this post now with your intention to join in Dec 30DLBL! I’ll reply to you with the instructions and details right after that! :D 4 days left before December comes!!! Here’s to an AMAZING December ahead guys!!

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